We Field Tested Elementary OS And Found 6 Killer Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch

elementary OS is a modern, fast and open source competitor to Windows and macOS. It’s been designed with non-technical users in mind and is a great introduction to the world of Linux, but also caters to veteran...

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Many of the world's largest companies are adapting their business models to include the latest Open Sourced technologies; this is a colossal shift from the commercial closed source model of the past. Industry titans like Microsoft are quickly adopting Open Source technologies, providing Open Source...

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Let’s discuss Odoo Discuss

Instant Messaging (IM) is an integral part of our everyday lives, even more, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IM brings us closer together by allowing us to connect and collaborate with people regardless of their location and helps centralise the conversation for quick reference.

A brief history of I


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Odoo is an all-inclusive open source solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) its designed for businesses of any size and can be configured and customized to suit all your business needs.

If you're looking for a better overview of Odoo check out Introduction To Odoo ERP.   Odoo offers tw...

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What is an eCommerce platform?

eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of products and services online, with global retail eCommerce sales expected to hit $27 trillion by the end of 2020 it might not be a bad idea for your business to start an online store. 

Unless you have been living in a b...

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What is web hosting?

When building your first website, the first question that comes to mind is. Who should I host my website with? Or, if you're new to the game, you might be thinking what is web hosting?

Web hosting allows your business to post your website on the Internet. Velocity Host is a...

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