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Velocity Digital

Growing Your Business Online

If there was any remaining doubt, the global events of 2020-21 proved to business' big and small that having an effective online presence, as well as the ability to activate and manage online strategies, are an essential part of doing business in the 21st century; regardless of size.

Velocity Digital specialises in a full spectrum of online business presence services. From website creation through to content strategies, our services are designed to be complimentary as well as scalable, depending on your specific needs.


Our Digital team has been working in the online space for over 20 years.

Cost Effective

We understand business budgets, which is why we deliver agency quality without the agency costs.

Business of All Sizes

Being a boutique service, we can work with you, regardless of your business size.


All our work is local. We do not 'middle man' to offshore suppliers that leave you high and dry when there's a problem.

From Build to Live

Website builds to ongoing support...


WordPress powered site solutions

From 1 to 'Lots' of pages


We've been designing and deploying websites since 1998, so have seen a lot of things come an go. Today we design and build exclusively on WordPress (and have been doing so since 2005), using a core development stack that provides unparalleled stability and security.

Out of the box our websites are fully mobile responsive, SEO optimised and fast –all features we consider inclusive, not add on extras.

What's more, sites built and hosted by Velocity Digital are fully supported with over $500/year in commercial licenses, meaning you don't have to worry about hidden costs at site handover.


Lightweight to fully featured solutions

From 1 to 1,000 products


E-commerce is where we cut our website skills, back when e-commerce was a novelty.

We offer a range of solutions for any sized business, from a one product shop, through to fully integrated online stores with 1,000+ products.

What's more, we can provide you with the base frame work, providing support to help you set up your shop yourself, through to complete turnkey solutions.


One time SEO audits to monthly plans

Helping businesses plan strategically


A business serious about online conversion, be that increasing customer inquiry or increasing sales, understands the needs for a coherent and strategised SEO plan of attack.

From local business to organic search results, our S.E.O services develop, create and manage short and long term strategies to help you achieve online success.

WP Maintenance

WordPress maintenance plans

Providing you with peace of mind


Websites are not a fire and forget affair. With the WordPress ecosystem continually being updated for performance and security, a site that is left 'unattended' can easily become out of date and suffer from performance or security issues; the worst we've seen are sites completely unable to be updated, resulting in  complete rebuilds.

Velocity Digital's WP Maintenance service provides peace of mind by making sure your site is always up to date and current.

Starter Packages

Velocity Hosts Starter Packages are designed to get you online, quickly and professionally.

D.I.Y Install

The D.I.Y Install is for those who want to do it themselves. We set everything up, give you a base level install of WordPress and all the plugins and licenses needed to get going. The rest is up to you!


First Year Of 'Start-Up' Hosting

First Year Of 'Start-Up' Velocitymail

Domain Name Registration


ex. GST

Turnkey Single Page

Designed to get you online and ready for growth. Our Turnkey Single Page websites use the exact same core structure as all sites we build, meaning that you can start small and build your site as you grow. The Turnkey site is the best, zero pressure way to get online quickly.


First Year Of 'Start-Up' Hosting

First Year Of 'Start-Up' Velocitymail

Velocity Host's WP Maintenance

Domain Name Registration

Single Page Site Build

Site Ready SEO


ex. GST