Velocity Hosting

Unparalelled Hosting Solutions

Whether you have a small business site, or a behemoth e-commerce store with over one thousand products, Velocity Hosting will meet your needs.

Our boutique hosting packages are no compromise solutions, offering the best of current technology and performance. What's more, our hosting is backed by our 99.95% uptime SLA, meaning that once your site is live, we guarantee it stays that way.


Unparalleled, Enterprise hardware from HP, Dell & SuperMicro with super fast local ZFS Raid SSD storage.


We take nightly backups using Acronis and keep 14 restore points in the event you need to restore a file or database. Backups are stored in dedicated repositories in the same Tier 4 Data Centre.


In addition to our Tier 4 data Center capabilities, cold spares are kept on site, and all physical hosts have dual power supplies, with networks multi honed for improved uptime. Our infrastructure is backed with our 99.95% uptime SLA.

Local Support

Our support team is located right here in Australia operating in Australian Eastern Standard Time – the magic keeps happening in your business hours.

Our Promise

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 30 day money back guarantee means just that, a full refund of the resource cost no questions asked. Terms Of Service

100% Network Uptime

Our network is ranked first in Australia out of over 2,100 competing networks.

All Australian Support

Expert support, right here in Australia, working from within our data centre... we speak your language!

Service Features

Unparalleled Security

Every cPanel web hosting account is caged within it's own virtual environment,
compromised accounts won't allow the attack to spread through the system.

Free SSL Certificate

(vh) cPanel shared web hosting automatically deploys and renews your free Comodo SSL every 3 months keeping communication between site and visitors secure.

Staging & production

Our built in tools allow easy cloning of your website into a development subdomain for website work and testing allowing your production site to remain online while work is carried out in a separate dev environment.

Managed Web

Looking for a little more hands off? With managed web our team handles every aspect of cPanel hosting.

DOS Protection

Adaptive firewall and intrusion detection protects your data from attack. Imunify Security detects malicious behavior on your site and blocks offending intruders from access.

Guaranteed Resources

CloudLinux LVE guarantees CPU, Memory and Disk IO to every account making sure the best performance is guaranteed.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Up to 50% greater performance than Apache with mod_php. LSAPI means faster, more stable dynamic web pages.


Imunify Security works tirelessly scanning your files looking for Trojans and code injections, when found they are locked up in quarantine for further inspection.

Acronis Self Service Backups

Acronis takes a daily backup of every cPanel web hosting account and keeps a copy for 14 days allowing you to restore to any given point in time.

What about email?

cPanel email can slow down your website hosting when both are on the same platform. This same scenario also means if the web hosting server is experiencing an issue your emails are also affected.

At Velocity Host we’ve learnt over many years to “not to put all your eggs in one basket”. By separating email hosting to a dedicated email only environment, uptime for both web and email hosting is improved and website performance can shine.

For those that need solid, professional grade email service, we offer our best in class Velocity-Mail system, which when bundled with ANY hosting package, delivers a 10% package discount!

Hosting Packages


Perfect for individuals, SMB’s and bloggers just starting out with low traffic requirements.

cPanel/ WHM Control Panel

Litespeed Enterprise Web Server

Acronis Backups

CloudLinux - Security, Flexibility, Stability

Imunify360 + CSX - Security

Automated CMS Installs

Matomo Private Analytics

No of Shopping Cart Products package can handle: 0

100% of 1 vCPU

512 Mb

10 Gb SSD Storage

250 Gb IP Transit

IO Bandwidth: 3 MB/s

Burstable IOPs: 250

Databases: Unlimited


Inc. GST

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Great for businesses needing to improve site performance – basic shopping cart, catalogue & blogs.

cPanel/ WHM Control Panel

Litespeed Enterprise Web Server

Acronis Backups

CloudLinux - Security, Flexibility, Stability

Imunify360 + CSX - Security

Automated CMS Installs

Matomo Private Analytics

No of Shopping Cart Products package can handle: 50

100% of 2 vCPU

1 Gb

20 Gb SSD Storage

500 Gb IP Transit

IO Bandwidth: 6 Mb/s

Burstable IOPs: 500

Databases: Unlimited

$13.20/ mth

Inc. GST

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Keep pace with the growing number of site visitors online, have 100+ products get more Juice with Pro

cPanel/ WHM Control Panel

Litespeed Enterprise Web Server

Acronis Backups

CloudLinux - Security, Flexibility, Stability

Imunify360 + CSX - Security

Automated CMS Installs

Matomo Private Analytics

No of Shopping Cart Products package can handle: 100

100% of 2 vCPU

3 Gb

30 Gb SSD Storage

1000 Gb IP Transit

IO Bandwidth: 9 Mb/s

Burstable IOPs: 1000

Databases: Unlimited


Inc. GST

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Privacy Driven Analytics

In today's world, online privacy matters, and that includes for your site visitors as well.

Many site owners and developers are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the amount and depth of data being collected through the use of the big G's Analytics or 360 programs; some of which has little or no use to a large majority of website owners. The fact that this data is collected and stored by the big G, is one of the main triggers to the EU's GDPR privacy rules.

While we understand that for many, Google Analytics is their go to, in response to the needs for a privacy orientated analytics solution, we offer a Velocity Host hosted Matomo account as part of our website hosting plans.

Matomo is an analytics suite used by the likes of NASA, United Nations, Amnesty International, Red Bull, the European Commission and many more spread over 190 countries.

You can learn more about Matomo and its privacy first analytics here


Where are Velocity Host's data centres located?

Velocity Hosts primary data centre is located at Micron21 in Melbourne East, additional pop sites include Primus/ Commander in Melbourne, Next DC Sydney, Singapore, USA and Europe. (vh) own all of our servers and infrastructure.

Can my sites have separate cPanel logins?

SMB packages are designed to support 1 primary cPanel account, additional websites can be hosted under the primary account as an Add-On domain. Established and Pro plans allow for additional websites to be hosted, these additional websites will impact the performance of the primary domain, we recommend individual plans for sites that require maximum performance from their hosting environment.

Does Velocity Host support the latest PHP 7.4?

Yes, we are running PHP 7.4+.

Does Velocity Host provide SFTP and SSH access?

Yes, both SFTP and SSH access are available on all plans.

Does Velocity Host install WordPress, Joomla or Drupel

Absolutely. Simply select which CMS you would like installed during checkout and we will take care of the rest for you.

Are WP-CLI for WordPress / Drush for Drupal installed?

Yes, both WP-CLI and Drush are pre-installed on all of our servers. They are ready to use.

Are Git and SVN available?

Git is available. Many clients use our plans in conjunction with a repository service. We are currently working on implementing an SVN solution for clients.

Are sites and other data backed up?

Yes, all sites and other data such as email messages are backed up every night and stored off server. We recommend customers also download their own backups through cPanel for local storage.

Does Velocity Host provide an Uptime Guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 99.9% uptime Infrastructure and network guarantee. Our plans all provide automatic server failover so you're never at the mercy of a single server.

Are Git and SVN available?

Git is available to be able to run your own repositories.

Does Velocity Host offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, all of our plans come with a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee for the hosting portion of your package. There are no facilities to credit domain name registration but domains can be migrated to a different registrar. (We will retain .au 2 years – $27.90 and .com 1 year – $13.95 on request of 60-day money back guarantee).

Does Velocity Host provide a Reseller Hosting option?

Yes, we provide Reseller Hosting packages that allow for the hosting of "Multiple Sites. Each reseller package allows each of your clients to have their own cPanel login and access to their own resources.

Reseller packages should be used if providing hosting to others, e.g. for web designers or developers or if you wish to host multiple websites each with their own dedicated resources for best performance.

The reseller "Managed Web" add-on provides private DNS name servers (e.g. and instead of and Velocity Host also allows cPanel white labelling for your brand.

How long does account set-up take?

Most accounts are setup automatically in less than 5 minutes. If you've not received your welcome email within 1 hour after ordering please check it has not been caught by your SPAM filter. Please contact our sales team if you still can't find the email – and quote your domain or account name in the subject field.

Does Velocity Host offer free SSL certificates?

Yes, Velocity Host has implemented the Let’s Encrypt SSL project; a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit to provide SSL certificates. You can turn on SSL for any of your sites through cPanel without incurring any SSL certificate or dedicated IP costs.

Can Velocity Host help move my site(s) from my existing hosting provider?

If moving from another host that uses the cPanel control panel we can move the first 10 sites for free. The next 11 to 21 sites are billed at a one-time fee of $5.50 per site and 21 or more sites are billed at a one-time fee of $2.20 per site, inclusive of GST. Simply open a technical support ticket after account activation requesting this service.

What if I'm moving from a host that doesn't use cPanel?

Moving sites from a non-cPanel server to a cPanel server needs to be handled manually. This process can be quite time consuming. Transfers from non-cPanel servers are billed at a one-time fee of $110.00 per site. This service can be ordered during checkout using the “Assisted Migration” option.

What payment methods does Velocity Host accept?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What if I go over my monthly bandwidth?

As your business grows, sometimes website visitors can increase your monthly traffic usage. Our AUP – Acceptable Use Policy – allows for spikes in traffic of up to 20% in any given month. After this limit is reached the account will automatically be temporarily suspended. Don’t worry, we can unsuspend the account! Just let us know what’s happened and we’ll work with you to find a solution that works for everyone.

Does Velocity Host install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

Absolutely. Simply use our built in “Installatron” tools, once the account is setup to deploy  the CMS of your choice. Or speak with one of our team for assistance.

Does Velocity Host provide an Uptime Guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 99.95% uptime Infrastructure and network guarantee.