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Email is still the No.1 method of communication globally and is crucial to every business, big and small. Designed to provide all the essential features, and more, Velocity Mail is fully featured to meet your business' needs to communicate efficiently, securely, and most importantly, privately

Effortlessly managing your communications, Velocity Mail allows you to seamlessly use your existing email client such as Outlook, Mail, Spark, etc., so you don't have to make time intensive, and annoying, application changes. Or you can be super efficient and use your favorite web browser to access email, calendars, tasks and notes + much more.

What's more, Velocity Mail offers optional MS calendar & contact syncing across all your devices, helping to keep your fingers on the pulse at all times.

And if your business uses Microsoft O365? We’ve got you covered, with O365 business email, hosted by Microsoft. Contact us for further information.


Unlike some of our competitors, your email accounts are not scanned to send you targeted advertising – what's yours stays yours. Just how it should be.


Migrate from your existing mail system at the (almost) push of a button. VelocityMail makes moving as simple as 1,2,3.


In the case of primary servers experiencing issues, backup MX servers will queue all emails and automatically deliver to Velocity Mail once services are restored.

Local Support

Our support team is located right here in Australia operating in Australian Eastern Standard Time – the magic keeps happening in your business hours.

Data Locality

Located in Melbourne, our data center meets all government data Geo-locality requirements.
You are 100% covered by Australian privacy law.


*Optional Data archival allows your business to be across all communications, in and out of your organization, for the entire lifetime of the account. Nothing gets lost... ever.


Business Features


Fully Featured...


Advanced webmail lets you do away with unnecessary desktop email clients to streamline your work flow and allows for seamless access to your mail, contacts, calendar & tasks via any compliant web browser.


Be on time with personal, Group and resource calendars. Track staff leave, meeting rooms or other internal resources that require scheduling.

& Notes


Via webmail or through supported email clients, such as eM Client, or dozens of chat apps, chat allows you to keep in contact with team members instantly.

Team Workspaces

Team Workspaces makes working with multiple different people, in multiple different locations, efficient and effective. It includes audio and/or video conferencing for up to 9 participants, with no limit to the number of people who can participate in a workspace text chat.

File Storage

Your own private Dropbox. Upload files to share directly or via a url link, VelocityMail keeps it all under one roof.


Sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Mail between mobiles and desktops, allowing users on any OS to share data within your organsation. Our optional MS ActivSync enhancement to your business email accounts, allow you to tie into Microsoft's ActiveSync environment.

Distribution Lists

Create segmented email lists to receive group communication, newsletters and announcements.

Optional Email Archiving

VelocityMail offers you the option to have all your mail archived by keeping a copy of every email sent and received by your organisation on archival storage and accessible view the Velocity-Mail we portal for domain admins, you have have an entire history of every email you have sent and received for the lifetime of your account.



Technical Details


Core Technical Details

Secondary MX

Improved mail delivery in the event primary services are down, emails are queued up and re-delivered once service is restored.

Unlimited iMAP & POP accounts

Create POP & iMAP mailboxes for users in your organisation or for better email segmentation.

Pooled Storage

Allows your organisation to share the storage as “all you can eat” or a fixed amount per mailbox.

Domain management

More than one domain name? Aliases allow multiple domains to receive emails to the same mailbox.


Calendars and contacts powered by CALDAV.


Contacts powered by CARDDAV.

Chat, Voice, Video

Over XMPP/Jabber.


Manage a users mailbox, calendar or tasks from within your current login or share a group mailbox between multiple users.

SSD SAN Storage

    • Startup: 45Gb
    • Established: 180Gb
    • Pro: 315gb



Plans and FAQ



Number Users Approx




Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage GB 45 180 315
Calander, Contacts, Tasks, Notes WebMail
Calander, Tasks, Notes Sync DT/ Mob
Advanced Webmail
Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Resource Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video & Voice Conferencing
Price/ Month inc. gst $ 9.90 $ 39.60 $ 108.90

Additional Options

Archive Upgrade 3 12 21
Price/Month inc. gst $ 3.30 $ 12.00 $ 33.00
ActiveSync Lic. 3 12 21
Price/ Month Inc GST $ 4.95 $ 19.80 $ 34.65


What if I do not have an email client?

Not using Apple Mail, Outlook or any other email client? Easy! We can suggest either Spark (Mac, iOS - Windows coming) or eM Client (Mac & Windows), both of which work flawlessly with Velocity Mail.

Can I receive email on my phone?

Sure can! Velocity Mail is designed for business's on the move.


Not sure if you need ActiveSync?

If you're not sure if you need more advanced syncing, our quick quiz will help you find out...

Our Promise

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 30 day money back guarantee means just that, a full refund of the resource cost no questions asked. Terms Of Service

100% Network Uptime

Our network is ranked first in Australia out of over 2,100 competing networks.

All Australian Support

Expert support, right here in Australia, working from within our data centre... we speak your language!

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