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IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service

Healthcare Industry

Rehab Management

Now the most technologically advanced health care provider in Australia. They came to us looking for a way to move their in-house data centre into the cloud. With over 200 users, ageing infrastructure and unhappy staff they needed a solid solution fast.

Rehab Management Case Study

Niche Cloud Provider

We’ve carved out a niche in the cloud space by doing what other providers can't or won't due to vendor lock-in. free yourself.

Goodbye Red Tape

Our core principles and systemised approach to problem solving help cut through the BS and red tape normally associated with moving to the cloud.

Quality Without Compromise

From network and hardware to project delivery and solutions consulting we pride ourselves on fast turnaround without compromises.

Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Owning and operating our infrastructure guarantees quality of service, fast scaling of resources and quick response times to meet any company objectives.

Bespoke Cloud Solutions

Taking the best that technology vendors have on offer and creating bespoke solutions tailored to meet unique client requirements. Think big, we've got you covered.


Light on our feet and able to scale IT infrastructure in a nano second, we get the job done and love making the cloud easy.

Australian Tier 4 Data Centre With Global Reach

Our data centre partner, Micron21 is Australia's first and only certified Tier 4 Data Centre. The network is ranked #1 in Australia out of 2,100 competitors and peers with 1,600 other providers globally.

Strong Focus On Customer Support

We've worked hard assembling the best team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals who love problem solving and helping clients get the best out of their cloud solutions.

Outstanding Solutions Experts

Solutions ranging from simple web hosting and commercial media delivery through to data centre design and construction and everything in between.

Save 20-30% On The Big 3

Save between 20-30% compared to AWS, Azure and Google with simplified granular billing for resources and licenses. Untangle your invoices and clear your head.

Technology Agnostic

Don't put the round peg in the square hole! We take only the best solutions on offer from the leading vendors to best fit your business needs. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Only Partner With The Best

Our solutions are built on enterprise grade infrastructure. This means we partner with the best of the best. Micron21, HPE, VMware and Citrix to name a few. But if you believe there's a company we've missed, put your hand up and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Supporting Technologies
Micron21 DC
Micron21 Tier4 Certified