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TrueNAS Onsite Storage

From the home business & SME, through to enterprise level business, TrueNAS has a solution for every need.


What is TrueNas?

TrueNAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) hardware & software that shares and protects data from modern-day threats like ransomware and malware. It makes it easy for users and client devices to access shared data through virtually any sharing protocol.

How Does it Work?

TrueNAS protects data in several different ways depending on your home or business needs. It combines ZFS RAID redundancy, Replication, Snapshots, Automatic Corruption Repair, and optional High Availability, to deliver Enterprise grade data protection.

TruNAS Family - Mini, X Series, M Series

From the TruNAS Mini range, ideal for home based business and SME, through to the enterprise level rack mounted M Series, TrueNAS has a solution for every need, from home right through to Enterprise level storage in Australia.

Need Some Help?

Not sure which TrueNAS solution in Australia is right for you? Or maybe you need some advice on drive selection...? Read our introduction article or... Get in contact with us and we'll be happy to help you navigate your way...


Homes & SME

100+ Terabytes


TrueNAS Minis allow you to easily store and manage your important data using any storage protocol, including NFS, SMB, AFP, iSCSI, S3, and many others. Minis can also be managed from the easy-to-use TrueNAS web interface using any computer or mobile device on your home or business network.

R Series

General Purpose

2 Petabytes


The TrueNAS R-Series combines the powerful features of ZFS with value-oriented, single controller hardware to deliver the best value storage in the industry.

X Series


1 Petabyte


A single X-Series system can support up to 1 petabyte of raw capacity and is over 70% more cost-effective over five years compared to AWS and other cloud-based solutions. Powerful enterprise features, like ZFS data protection and high-availability, ensure up to 99.999% uptime to keep your business running even when components fail.

M Series


20 Petabytes


The TrueNAS M-Series is the flagship model of TrueNAS Enterprise systems and is ideally suited for heavy IT storage workloads and intensive data center applications.