True NAS: M-Series

Enterprise-Grade Open Storage


The TrueNAS M-Series is the flagship model of TrueNAS Enterprise systems and is ideally suited for heavy IT storage workloads and intensive data center applications.

The TrueNAS M-Series provides High Availability (HA), hybrid capacity, and all-flash performance configurations. The M-Series grows to support multiple 100GbE ports and over 20PB of storage.

All TrueNAS Enterprise systems use OpenZFS to give you unbelievable performance with legendary protection and reliability for your mission-critical data. Ready to take your storage to the next level? Talk to us to find out why TrueNAS is the best choice for your next data storage project.


VMware Certified with support for up to 10000 VMs.


Create sound, images, and 4K / 8K video. Store up to 20 PB

File Sharing

Billions of files with thousands of users with SMB or NFS.


Securely backup with Petabytes of affordable storage.


Western Digital

The Preferred Drives of TrueNAS

All TrueNAS Minis come standard with Western Digital™ hard drives. Western Digital drives are specifically designed to handle the rigors of 24×7 TrueNAS workloads, offering excellent data protection and the highest level of performance possible.


The M-Series is a 4U system with dual controllers. Each controller has NVDIMMs for extremely low latency write caching and there is a high bandwidth PCIe interconnect between controllers to synchronize the NVDIMMs. The controllers share access to 24 x 3.5” drives (HDD, SSD, RI-SSD) and also can share 4 low latency NVMe drives which can be used for metadata or persistent read cache.


Powerfully-Scalable Enterprise Storage:

Open Source Economics

The flagship TrueNAS M-Series line of unified storage arrays are designed with enterprise features, high- availability, and maximum performance in mind. Available in three models; M40, M50, & M60. The TrueNAS M40 and M50 provide unified file, block, and object storage and are available in single or dual-controller, hybrid, or all-flash configurations. The TrueNAS M60 Hybrid or All-Flash storage supports single or redundant storage controllers. Featuring multiple high-speed networking (up to 100Gb/s), system memory up to 768 GB, NVDIMM and NVMe caching, and up to 20 PB capacity, the TrueNAS M-Series is ideally suited for heavy IT storage workloads, including virtualization, media production, high-speed file sharing, and backup.

The TrueNAS M-Series arrays combine the flexibility of unified storage, the performance of solid state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the simplified management of a powerful web-based user interface, and white-glove enterprise support.

TrueNAS inherits the rich functionality and Open Source economics of TrueNAS CORE and adds Enterprise-class capabilities.

Every TrueNAS Enterprise storage array supports unified block, file, and S3-compliant object storage protocols. Its modular hardware architecture conserves power, space, and cooling while supporting multiple applications with its hybrid flash and disk storage pools. Optional High Availability ensures storage services are not disrupted, while Intelligent Storage Optimization maximizes storage efficiency with typical data reduction ratios of greater than 2.5x.

The TrueNAS M-Series delivers high-performance, scala- bility, data integrity, reliability, and ease-of-management for companies that never sleep.

TrueNAS M40 TrueNAS M50 TrueNAS M60
Dual Controllers (HA) Optional Optional Optional
DRAM Per Controller 128 GB 256 GB - 384 GB 768 GB
Max Ethernet Speed 2x 40GbE 2x 100GbE 4x 100GbE
Fibre Channel (option) 4x 16Gb 4x 16Gb or 2x 32Gb 4x 32Gb
Expansion Shelves 2 8 12
Max Drives Supported 144 504 1248
Hybrid Storage (HDD + Flash)
Max Capacity 2 PB 9 PB 20 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 5 PB 22.5 PB 50 PB
Max Read Cache 3 x 800 GB SAS SSD 4 x 3.2TB NVMe 4 x 3.2TB NVMe
All-Flash Storage
Max Capacity 1 PB 2 PB 4 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 5 PB 10 PB 20 PB
Certifications Citrix Ready, VMware Ready, Veeam Ready, Asigra Integrated
Max Throughput 5GB/s 10GB/s 20GB/s
Performance Up to 1M IOPS. Varies based on configuration. Contact us.