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20+ years of experience... we understand how to develop websites

In business? Then you need to be online.

From simple ‘calling card’ websites, through to more complex applications like e-commerce, a website is no longer an optional extra, it is a vital element of doing business today.

But more than that, with organic search results success being dictated by ever increasingly strict metrics ('Core Vitals'), and on page CTA mechanics, there is far more to building a website than making it look pretty – a website needs to have every aspect finely tuned, front-end and back-end, to ensure it's success as a transactional machine.

With over 20 years experience helping SMEs build their online presence, we understand the importance of having your business represented online. But more than that, while many will build you a ‘pretty’ looking website, we understand the importance of a website being more than simply window dressing, and our website design and build service has been refined to deliver not only great looking end results but also best practice.

Every website we design and build adheres to our six core principles:

  1. Speed first approach.
  2. Optimised for on page SEO.
  3. Mobile first methodology.
  4. Full security.
  5. Only commercially licensed frameworks.
  6. Built and optimised for Velocity Host hosting.

Some may say that this is a premium offering, but our in-house (i.e. not farmed out offshore) website design & build services are offered at highly competitive pricing, making Velocity Host's Design and Build Solutions ideal, no matter how big, or small, your business may be.

Website Design F.A.Q

Is hosting included with my website?

Hosting is provided separately. See our Australian web hosting or managed WP VPS.

Does Velocity Host manage the up-keep of my website?

Once we deliver a website, ownership and management responsibility falls on the client.

If you prefer to be hand's off, we offer tailored management packages , and we can provide training for those that want to learn how to run their own websites.

Once my website is live, can I have Velocity Host make updates etc?


We offer a simple to use and understand per job service, meaning that you can tap into our experience and expertise to add to, modify, or expand your website when you need it.

What happens if I choose to move hosts?

If, for any reason, you choose to leave Velocity Host and host your site elsewhere (highly unlikely 🙂 ), you will need to buy licenses for all the plugins etc. used to build your site that are provided as part of our hosting service.

We will provide you with a full list of what you will need, and where to buy them.

Is your work local?


All our sites are built, and maintained, internally AND in Australia. That means not only can you talk to us, via email or telephone and receive a response during business hours, but that we are fully accountable for everything we do.

How much experience do you have?

Apart from working within the website development world since 1998, the head of our website development team owned and operated our own ecommerce based business' for 20+ years, selling product to literally every corner of the world!

We understand not only the technical side of building great websites, but also the trails and tribulations of operating in the online space as a business. Your website is built by people with real world operational experience, not just people who like building websites.

What platform do you build with?

We choose to build with either WordPress, or ClassicPress, depending on the demands of the website.

We have worked with the WordPress ecosystem for over 15 years, so know and understand it very well.

Will my site be unique?


Unlike many services out there, we do not, ever, base our site designs on a modified  'packaged' theme.

While many services will do this, we find this to be worst practice, as sites that are based on this are often injected with custom, undocumented code prone to breaking when the theme is updated.

Every site Velocity Host builds is based on a core framework and starts as a 'blank sheet'. We then build your site based on what it needs and no more, keeping it light and efficient.

Do you use free plugins?

Yes and no.

Our core development stack is based on plugins that we have researched and worked with for years.

While the majority of the stack are commercial (we pay yearly for their license), there are a few small plugins that sit in the 'freemium' realm; these plugins offer an advanced, paid license tier for those that want the additional features. For the most part, the free tier meet our needs well enough, and as these plugins are semi commercial, they are constantly kept up to date.

We will never install, or recommend using, unlicensed or free only tier plugins, as they can represent both a reliability and security threat.

Do I have to pay for plugins?

Yes... and no.

We will build your site on our development stack, which we maintain the licenses for as long as you are either hosted with Velocity Host or have subscribed to one of our management plans.

Our stack covers the needs of almost all client sites.

If though, in the scope of your website's brief, there is a special, or specific, need that sits outside a regular build's parameters, we will (usually) find a plugin or service that will deliver the requirements. In this case, you will be responsible for buying, and maintaining, the license.

In the case of building your site where it is hosted externally, and you are not subscribed to a management plan, then we will maintain all licenses for the period of twelve (12) months from the time of site launch. After this time, we will notify you, and you will need to acquire the relevant license from the plugin suppliers.

Please note, we will not install and activate any commercial plugin without a full license attached.

Only local development

Best practice

Mobile first methodology

Our Turnkey Website Development Solutions...


Does your existing site need a refresh?

We redesign your site for best performance

Ensure mobile compliance.

Rebuilt on our framework.

Migration to Velocity Host included.

Optimised for Velocity Host hosting.

Velocity Host provides all core licenses.

Full security.

Starting from

Inc. GST

Design + Build

New website builds.

Working with you to build the site you want.

Designed for best performance.

Built on our framework.

Optimised for Velocity Host hosting.

Velocity Host provides all core licenses.

Full security.

Starting from

Inc. GST

Build Service

Our B2B solution.

We build to your design layout.

All designs assessed for best UI & UX.

We assess the design for best performance.

Built on our framework.

Optimised for Velocity Host hosting.

Velocity Host provides all core licenses.

Full security.

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