Google Ads

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Advertising on Google

Google Ads are a great option when you are looking for fast digital marketing results. So fast, that you can get a campaign up and running and driving traffic to your website on the same day.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are an auction based online advertising platform that can be in the form of either text or image (aka display) based advertising in Google’s search engine.

Ads allow you target competitive keywords quickly, that would take months or years to rank for organically bringing your business results in record time.

Google Ads can help you effectively target desired customers through targetted geographic, demographic and even websites your customers visit regularly.

With Google Ads, you only pay when a visitor clicks your ad, which lets you control spend to a very granular level.

Google Ads Management?

If you leave your Google Ads unmanaged, it means wasted budget. Ad management is required to monitor the Ads in your campaign to ensure the correct keywords are targeted and there is minimal wastage on clicks that have a low chance of converting.

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Fast results

You can start seeing results of the same day.


Do you want more leads? Just increase your ad spend.


Works well with search engine optimisation and other marketing channels.

Brand Awareness

Google Ads are a great way to build your brand.


Enables your business to stand out in a crowded marketplace against established players.


Target visitors who visited your website but didn’t convert into a lead/sale.

Google Ads Service Features

Keyword research + tracking.

Keyword targeting.

Technical & on-page optimisation.

Competitor Intelligence

Text & Display Ads

Goal setup & tracking.

Weekly reporting

Google Local/Maps optimisation.

Content Marketing/Ideation intelligence to select trending topics for content creation

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