Cheap Email Hosting in Australia

cheap email hosting in australia
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When we see the words CHEAP plastered across a product or service, we often write it off as low quality.

The first Pineapple brought back to Europe sold for $7,500. Temples were built to honour this illustrious fruit, and it was so exclusive that only royalty could afford to indulge in its sweet taste.

Today Pineapples are produced in enormous quantities and can be purchased for less than $5. Does the drastic price drop make the Pineapple taste any different? Of course not, so why aren’t we stockpiling Pineapples instead of toilet paper? Because psychologically, we associate a higher price with better quality and more exclusive products and services.

So, why am I talking about Pineapples during an Email Hosting article? To help you look past the price tag and instead, evaluate the email provider’s quality before deciding to hand over your data.

Main Choices For Email Hosting

While the price might be a crucial factor in who will host your email. First, you need to decide how you will host your email.

Typically, there are three main options:

Shared Web & Email Hosting

shared email hosting cheap

Most web hosting providers also offer email hosting as part of a package deal. This is called Shared Web Hosting, and it is the cheapest and most straightforward choice.

It supplies many of the same benefits as using an email host such as custom email domain and access to your emails across multiple devices.

It is cost-effective and easy to set up; it is the most common choice for many small businesses. But is the most popular choice the right choice?

When you use the same host for both your email and website, any storage space you use up counts towards your resources for both platforms. That’s right. If you send a funny video to your mate over email, it could slow down or crash your website until your bandwidth is restored. Think of it like turning the hot water tap in the kitchen when someone is trying to have a shower.

Self-Hosted Email

Self-hosted email gives you complete control over the way you manage and customise your emails. However, if you think doing-it-yourself will save you money, think again.

Self-hosting is the most expensive and time-consuming choice. First, you will need to buy a server, set it up, perform maintenance, and when things go wrong repair and replace it over time.

Honestly, let a third-party take the risk of purchasing the infrastructure. It is their job to support, repair and replace the hardware. Or, pay an IT company to maintain it for you, when the average cost of maintenance is going to be $165 per hour when something breaks or needs a change self hosting quickly adds up for a small business.

Third-Party Email Hosting

Choosing a reputable third-party email host is well worth the money. It saves you having to invest in infrastructure and IT support staff. You receive the same benefits as self-hosting without the risks.

Many email hosts provide additional tools such as shared calendars and contacts, private video conferencing and IM platforms.

The Difference Between Email Clients and Email Hosting Providers

If you are new to the world of email hosting, don’t get confused between an email client and an email host.

An email client is an application that is used to send and receive emails from your personal computer. An email host is a service provider who runs an email delivery system that enables sending and receiving of emails between email clients allowing you to send and receive email across networks to other email hosts where a recipients mailbox lives and does not need to be the same brand as your email client.

If you have your heart set on using Microsoft Outlook, it doesn’t mean you need a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 plan for it to work.

As always, check compatibility with your desired email client before you sign up.

Disadvantages of cheap email hosting

cheap email hosting in australia disadvantages

Let us replace the word “cheap” with “low-quality” email hosting. Here is a list of features to keep in mind when evaluating your next email hosting plan’s quality.


66% of malware is installed through malicious email attacks. If your email hosting provider decided to “cheap” out on security so that you could receive a crazy bargain, your business could be more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Malware received through email is often ransomware, which Forbes estimates the average cost at $84,000 for businesses to recover their data. So much for trying to save a few dollars.

By no means am I saying that you will be safe from cyber-attacks if you purchase the most expensive and high-quality email hosting plan. There is always a risk, and nothing is foolproof.

Remember, even if you are tech-savvy and can spot a malicious email before it hits your Inbox, your business is only as strong as your weakest link. A new employee might fall victim to a phishing attack.

That’s why regardless of your hosting provider it is essential to provide Security Awareness Training for all your staff members to be well educated and aware of cyberattacks to know the repercussions it can have on your business.


Do you love sitting on hold for three hours to an overseas call centre so you can speak with someone’s manager?

Then cheap email hosting is for you, my friend.

Jokes aside, it is hard to recommend which provider has the best support. It comes down to personal preference and the relationship that works for your business.

You might develop a great relationship with your email host, but if your issues are not resolved, it means nothing.

If support is a selling point for you, do your research and read customer reviews to find a host who not only takes the time to listen, but delivers on their promise.

email hosting

Reliability was hit by REvil ransomware attack in November 2020 with a $500K payoff demanded to release the data stolen (looks like someone will be buying a new Lamborghini).

To try and cover up the attack, told their customers that it was due to unscheduled maintenance. Ask yourself, would you still trust them with your business?

Even though their public-facing web hosting system were the only ones hit with the ransom, took down its entire web hosting infrastructure and email servers. Leaving their angry customers in the lurch without any indication of how long their infrastructure would remain offline.

The unfortunate truth is that when using a third-party provider to host your emails, you don’t have control over the way your data is protected. However, you do have the right to ask how your emails will be secured and if there is a backup or disaster recovery solution in place. If you can’t find the facts or the host won’t provide you with adequate information, then that is a clear indicator that you should take your business elsewhere.

If you would like to learn more about email hosting in Australia, contact us today to speak with one of our email experts.

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