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Our Managed Service Packs are recommended for businesses who don’t have the in-house resources, knowledge or time to configure, setup and manage their own desktops & servers. Our professional qualified system administrators

will take full administrative control and will set up your Virtual or Dedicated Server/ Desktop for maximum performance. We will then monitor and maintain your desktop or server allowing you a hassle free experience.

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Server 2012, 2016, 2019



CentOS, Ubuntu, eOS


Australian VPS Management

Virtual Private Server Management is provided in Australia via an email ticket system. Each request is given a unique ticket ID for tracking and audit purposes. Please note that Managed VPS customers will not have full root access to managed servers to ensure that the environment is secure. Some control will be available and we are happy to discuss individual needs as required.

Managed Backups

A well-rounded support offering must include managed backups and we provide one the most comprehensive off-server backups available in the industry. Backups are taken nightly with a 14 Day retention period and sent to our dedicated Veeam repository. Request to have individual files & folders restored or a complete server to any of the captured nightly bacups.

Custom Setup & Security Hardening

Managed VPS will be configured to meet your business requirements, our team will apply best practices security hardening and tune the system for maximum performance. Domain Names, DNS and Hosting accounts will be set up and appropriate resources balanced across the server.

Constant Updates

Our team will support and patch all base operating systems when official updates, bug fixes and security patches are available. Patching is applied monthly unless the severity of exposure is high, providing peace of mind knowing you have constant up-to-date protection. Only official OS repositories are supported.

24x7 Emergency Support

Our emergency support gives you direct 24x7 access to an on duty Lvl 1 system administrator for critical server down issues. Emergency support issues covered by 24/7 Support include service restarts, server reboots and server or services down. Non-critical issues are not addressed using the emergency support service.

Advanced Monitoring

Your server will be added to our advanced PRTG monitoring pool for better visibility 24x7, pre configured alerts notify all parties of any monitored issues so immediate action can be taken, snapshot reports are kept for 7 days providing transparency over any service interruptions. Over 200+ monitoring sensors available: CPU, Ram, IO & many more.

Managed Server

VPS, VDS, or Physical


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 30 day money back guarantee means just that, a full refund of the resource cost no questions asked. - Terms Of Service

100% Network Uptime

The Micron21 network is ranked first in Australia out of over 2,100 competing networks.

All Australian Support

Our expert support team is right here in Oz working from our Micron21 Data Centre - we speak your language!

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