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Gerardo Altman

Gerardo Altman

Director Of Problem Solving

With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is a key solutions architect and MD of Velocity Host, with a love for Tetris and complex puzzles of every nature you'll find me hard at work doing what I do best – finding solutions.


James Braunegg

Micron21 DataCentre CEO

Velocity Host and Micron21 have held a strong partnership spanning over 9 years, James is like one of our own team members, skilled in Networking, Infrastructure design and project management, he's an awesome all rounder and a valued asset.

Ed Cassin

Ed Cassin

Head Python Developer

Ed is just awesome, highly skilled, fun loving and motivated, Ed specialty is Python development with a singular focus on delivering our custom Odoo ERP solutions.

Kendall King

Kendall King

Marketing and sales lead

With a degree in Writing and a Masters of Research Kendall brings a vital edge to the (vh) team in 2020. With fresh ideas and 10+ years of experience across a broad spectrum of businesses personas. Kendall has your business covered.

David Sourer

David Sorauer

SEO Specialist

When it comes to being found online "nobody does it better" specifically speaking SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. - Meet David the James Bond of SEO. He's got your number - we mean your search engine ranking No# 1. Did we mention David has a degree in I.T. & a Masters in Technology Management?

Janet Kay

Janet Kay

Master Of Admin

Janet is the glue that keeps us all working cohesively together, she works tirelessly away in the background making sure T's are crossed and i's are dotted, without JK we wouldn't be able to get through the day.


Noe Rivera Santamaria

Noe Rivera Santamaria

Onsite supports and server ninja

Noe, our resident Electrical and Electronic Engineer, is our man onsite as well as behind the scenes, pushing buttons and pulling levers that makes things work.

Gerard Thomas

Gerard Thomas

Web Dev Expert - Level 11/10

When it comes to knowing WordPress, websites and website performance, GT is our resident ninja. With over 20 years of industry experience you'll find yourself in expert hands.


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