Virtual Data Centre

SDDC - Software Defined Data Centres.

Virtual Data Centre

Built on enterprise grade hardware & the world's best virtualisation technologies, our Virtual Data Centre, has been designed to let you focus on your business and solutions, while we look after the back-end.

With redundancy in every part of our infrastructure stack, we’ve built upon the best opensource technologies around, Virtual Data Centre is rock solid and ready for your next project!

Using Virtual Data Centre, you can quickly deploy servers, build applications and manage resources – VM's (Virtual Machines), Networks, and Storage, VDC provides granular control of users and groups, allowing mapped control to departments within your organisation.

At Velocity Host we own, and operate, our own infrastructure, APNIC IP ranges, and directly help manage your solutions; when you speak with us, you can be rest assured you’re speaking with the right people for the job.

Choose between Shared, Private and Hybrid deployments.

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Develop your own solutions on top of the best technology stack.


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Build your own Private, Public & hybrid clouds.

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Our support team is located right here in Australia operating in Australian Eastern Standard Time – the magic keeps happening in your business hours.


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Your business from static to dynamic, allow staff to work from the office or remotely keeping the same consistent environment and productivity from anywhere.

Virtual Data Centre

Our Service Features


Service Features

Storage Tiers

Choose different storage tiers for your applicaiotns. Low and medium latency SSD, Backup and Archival storage.

VM Snapshots

Allow you to take a point in time image of your VM before performing any major work to safe guard against accidental damage, Not happy with the results simply roll back to a good working version. - Even more create your own snapshot schedule to add to your RPO & RTO.

Private Networks

Deploy layered private networks for ORG, DMZ and Stretched Layer 2.

Edge GateWays

Management edge network services: routers, load balancers, fire walls and IPSec VPN's.

Resource Monitoring

Built in tools allow for quick view of system resources for every VM in our VDC, at a glance see CPU, Storage & Bandwidth consumption, switch between maximum and average usage to review historical statistics.

User Management

Create users and define groups for granular access to resources in your Virtual Data Centre.

Need Licensing?

Got you covered! - Windows Svr, MSSQL, Office and many more...

File Level Restores

Lost a file? Ask our team to retrieve files from one of your automated backups or snapshots.

Hourly Storage Snaps

Enterprise level SSD storage snapshots taken every hour of your VM's allows us to control time!

Create & Restore Backups

Users have access to self service backup to restore Virtual machines as needed, use pre defined retention periods or create your own policies.

Audit Task History

Have multiple people working on projects and need to see what they’ve been up to?  Comply with your organisations data handling policies by tracking task history.

Security Policies

Save time managing individual firewall rules per Virtual Machine, build your own set of security policies by creating templates that can be pushed out to one or many VM’s.


Our Promise

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 30 day money back guarantee means just that, a full refund of the resource cost no questions asked. Terms Of Service

100% Network Uptime

Our network is ranked first in Australia out of over 2,100 competing networks.

All Australian Support

Expert support, right here in Australia, working from within our data centre... we speak your language!

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