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About SmarterTools

Founded in 2003, SmarterTools Inc. is an information technology management software company that builds applications to help companies communicate, measure, and support their worldwide business operations. SmarterTools products serve thousands of companies across the globe in a broad base of market segments–including those in the technology, financial, education, and hosting industries.

Company History

SmarterTools began as a way for web hosting companies to provide reliable, powerful and fully functional email and web analytics software that was both simple to understand for end users and easy install and manage for network administrators. As such, the hosting industry was SmarterTools’ first natural vertical market, and now, with three well established products – SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats – each built for multi-tenancy, automation, density and stability, SmarterTools has grown to become a leading provider of software for the hosting industry as well as thousands of small to medium-sized businesses worldwide.

SmarterTools’ Global Presence

Today, SmarterTools has more than 15 million end users and a strong, global network of channel partnerships. In addition, SmarterTools has targeted various small and enterprise-level businesses, Web hosts, and service providers to grow its install base to include customers in more than 100 countries. With industry-leading products, a strong financial position, an international customer base, and enviable referral and retention rates, SmarterTools is aligned to remain an industry leader now and for years to come.

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