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The (vh) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cloud offers Australian owned and operated services for Corporate and Government Australia.

We employ and contract only local Australian talent. Our expert support staff can scale as needed to meet any growing organisation’s requirements and are highly skilled in various technology competencies such as Linux, Windows, VMware, Citrix amongst others.

Technology is continually evolving and Velocity Host is positioned to effortlessly adapt. With granular control of our infrastructure stack we can quickly implement new advancements in technology to enhance customer requirements as your needs grow. (vh) infrastructure is spread across multiple Data Centers with the ability to quickly scale additional POP – Points Of Presence as required.

We deliver only the most stable, up to the minute technology to our clients at extremely competitive rates. As an IaaS – Infrastructure As A Service provider our core services allow complete Data Center Virtualization within a self-service portal ready for immediate consumption. We do all the heavy lifting so clients can stay focused on their core offerings ensuring rollout of successful and timely service solutions.

Using Enterprise Grade VMware Virtualization and a HP Infrastructure technology stack as part of our foundation of core ICT services, allows us to seamlessly meet any level of compliance, stability and flexibility without being locked into any specific technology vendor. By being technology agnostic we’re able to provide the best of what’s on offer and incorporate it into core services for our clients to take full advantage of.