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Rehab Management Case Study

Healthy Change: Rehab Management Ensures 100 Percent Uptime for its Healthcare Clients with Velocity Host

Rehab Management cannot endure downtime. Individuals and workplaces rely on Rehab Management to provide stable and trusted support in workplace rehabilitation, health, safety and wellbeing solutions. Any downtime impacts those in need of these critical support services. After experiencing outages causing operational inefficiencies and high hardware lifecycle expenses Rehab Management migrated into Velocity Host’s (vh) vCloud and achieved 100% uptime of IT systems, a reduction in Infrastructure Management and a three-fold increase in Application Delivery and Reliability.

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Service Improvement Chart


in service uptime


Reduction in infrastructure management


Improved application delivery and reliability

“After a thorough review of Azure, AWS and VMware, Velocity Host made perfect sense providing us the freedom to use the best mix of technologies for our solution.”
– Boris Kotevski, Rehab Management National IT Manager

As a nationally accredited provider, Rehab Management delivers tailored return-to-work (RTW) services, injury management consulting, early intervention, psychology services, and a range of workplace training programs to private and public sector clients. Nationally accredited, Rehab Management operate in 56 locations across rural and metropolitan Australia, with an established presence in all states and territories. With a focus on people, team work and quality outcomes, they continue to grow and succeed in helping people to live their best lives.

The Challenge

The increasing demand for Rehab Management’s services resulted in business growth outpacing ageing in-house technology infrastructure. This created service delivery issues that impacted growth and staff productivity.

Rehab Management has staff throughout Australasia and is constantly growing with demand increasing for their services. The bigger we got the more issues we had, says Boris Kotevski, National IT Manager at Rehab Management. We had a mix of unreliable network technologies spanning old and new sites hampering service delivery. These networks overlapped an expensive contracted private MPLS network from our head office creating multiple single points of failure.

We also had bad experiences with our infrastructure support. Kotevski says. Restrictive leasing commitments made the in-house deployment quickly outdated and difficult to scale without further investment. Hardware lifecycle management became disruptive to business with outages required every time replacement of outdated hardware was needed.

Backup and Recovery was slow making Recovery Time Objectives difficult to meet. We experienced lengthy offsite backup times due to network bandwidth constraints and the result was infrequent backups for Disaster Recovery. We were struggling to meet Recovery Point Objectives for business continuity creating a perilous environment for Rehab Management.

On the user licensing front, Microsoft Open required bulk numbers so over provisioning of licenses created unnecessary expenses for non-existent users. Provisioning new Proof Of Concept projects onto existing infrastructure was time consuming and often ended in failure due to limited visibility into underlying resources. Kotevski says.

“Our vision was to become the most technologically advanced rehabilitation service provider in the industry.”
– Marcella Romero, Rehab Management MD

The Solution

Rehab Management needed a scalable and stable IT platform to support both its current operations and future growth. After a review of all available solutions Rehab Management implemented Velocity Host’s (vh) vCloud Virtual Data Center services. Kotevski began the migration to (vh) vCloud in 2016. It took just 6 months to move core services into (vh) vCloud and start operations.

Since switching to (vh) vCloud, Rehab Management has had no planned or unplanned downtime, a clear contrast to previous business operations. Kotevski was able to remove costly and restrictive infrastructure management, allow seamless scaling of resources, eliminate hardware lifecycle management, reduce the number of highly skilled engineers required to support the environment freeing up I.T. time and resources.

Kotevski says.

“Moving to Velocity Host has freed up a lot of time for the entire team.”

“We no longer spend hours troubleshooting constant problems that come out of nowhere. With (vh) vCloud, we’ve also been able to limit the number of systems we have to manage. This has resulted in less maintenance time spent on Windows patching and hardware management for example, enabling more capacity to focus on strategic business initiatives.”

Since moving to Velocity Host (vh) vCloud, Rehab Management has had access to high performance Compute, Storage and Networking allowing Citrix Partner CubeSys to quickly start building out the new Windows and XenApp suite of core application services.

Network bandwidth issues were solved by Velocity Host working closely with Citrix to implement a new SD-WAN solution across participating sites. By utilising low cost ADSL, Rehab Management’s existing MPLS and incorporating redundancy via wireless 3/4G networks Kotevski was able to help stabilise and increase network speeds, reduce overall costs and provide an improved user experience to all staff nationally.

Additionally, license management was solved by removing Rehab Management’s Microsoft Open license which required bulk numbers and over-subscribing licenses to non-existent users. Kotevski switched to the Velocity Host Microsoft SPLA metered licensing model which simplified management, allowed per user licenses, and access to trial software and licenses for Proof Of Concept projects.

Kotevski was also able to ensure security of their business continuity safeguards by implementing a multi-layered Disaster Recovery strategy delivering fifteen minute Recovery Point Objectives and hourly Recovery Time Objectives via SAN storage snap-shots for all of Rehab’s virtual infrastructure with Velocity Host.

Easy access to backup and restore schedules is available via a client access service portal speeding up Recovery Time Objectives for granular file and MSSQL recovery. Long term archival requirements are met using HPE StoreOnce and Veeam Enterprise holding monthly backups for 12 months and yearly backups for 5 years.

Security was enhanced with the use of transparent and IPSec VPNs and new security policies for IT personnel. This ensures support staff only have access to their respective departments and applications needed for their role, reducing complexity and management overhead.

Business Benefits

Velocity Host has improved operations at all levels for Rehab Management. Kotevski states

Service reliability and uptime has improved by leaps and bounds. I can confidently say that we have overcome these issues in a big way. We had a list that management would constantly review and this was the No. 1 priority for us. The second we moved to Velocity Host vCloud we quickly crossed that item off and haven’t looked back.

Now it takes a few minutes to quickly look at the resources used and review a few statistics to identify the root cause of almost any problem. Staff are easier to support, application management is simplified and staff management time is greatly reduced across the board

Growing our I.T. is now a painless experience, it used to take weeks to identify problems with infrastructure, network and applications then find a fix which inevitably would only be a temporary solution. We simply outgrew every aspect of our I.T. in every way.

says Kotevski.

Rehab Management have reduced their hardware footprint by 95 percent. Despite growth since the move into Velocity Host vCloud the switch to Velocity Host allowed it to decommission eight Dell R720 servers and 2 power vault SANs (Storage Area Networks), with more servers being earmarked for decommission.

Kotevski says

The change gave us better clarity into the resources we needed to service our clients and improve performance giving end-users the best experience they have had to date.

The Future is Bright

Rehab Management’s ecosystem is evolving quickly and Velocity Host vCloud is the backbone for their entire virtual infrastructure. Kotevski is working to get future projects underway supported by Velocity Host including unifying antivirus and threat management, migrating in-house Exchange server into Zimbra Collaboration Suite and moving VOIP systems into vCloud for easy management.

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