(vh) New HPE Partnership!

What does being an HPE Partner mean?

We observed multiple pain points for clients enduring layered and costly solutions while trying to manage their internal IT resources and external cloud services; so we've bridged the gap.

As an HPE parter we are now able to purchase and supply any HPE - Hewlett Packard Enterprise equipment for your business in addition to providing the best cloud services.

With our new HPE Partnership (vh) is now offering a more holistic approach to your cloud experience.

End-to-End Solutions are now at hand.

How does (vh) being an HPE partner help your business?

By engaging Velocity Host as a one-stop-shop for your internal IT hardware, Managed Services and Cloud Solutions requirements it removes information silos and delays and will streamline your local environment to cloud journey.

What you'll enjoy:

  • Discounted hardware
  • Manufacturer's warranty on refurbished goods
  • Complete end-to-end hardware, managed services and cloud solutions
  • No more information silos
  • Faster implementation of solutions
  • Multiple cost reductions

HPE Partner Monthly Deals

Part of our new offerings as an HPE partner will be monthly specials on discounted/clearance equipment and refurbished hardware sales with extended support and warranties directly from HPE which will save your business anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

Financing Options Available

To make your end-to-end solutions even easier we have partnered with financial institutions to help facilitate your terrific hardware investments.

Ask us about how we can help your business today.

Please contact your account manager to discuss options.


Kind Regards,

Gerardo Altman Director Velocity Host