Press Release - For Immediate Release

Date 16/06/2015

Melbourne-based Velocity Host is the first Australian based Provider to offer low cost ‘Pay as you go’ uncapped IP Transit data for Co-Location & vCloud services.

This service now makes Velocity Host a direct competitor with VMware vCloud Air, Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure.

These IP Transit low cost ‘pay as you go’ uncapped data plans start from as little as $200 per month, which includes 10Mbit Unlimited Data. For more information please see. IP Transit

In addition, July 2015, Velocity Host will also launch (vh) vCloud Service Bundles with 10 Mbit data offering a ‘True Australian Cloud’

Internet connectivity and bandwidth have always come at a massive cost to Australian Businesses without the benefit of being with an Australian Service Provider” shared Gerardo Altman, the MD of Velocity Host

“By investing heavily with our Australian Data Center Provider Micron21, we are able to offer uncapped IP Transit Data plans for Co-Location and vCloud platforms. This will allow Australian Organisations the ability to easily scale resources to meet their needs while keeping costs low.”

For more information about Velocity Host or to arrange an interview, please contact [email protected] or contact Gerardo directly on [email protected] or 02 8005 7353.


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