SEO is a technique used to optimise your website so that it will organically rank higher in search engine results. SEO is not cheap and requires a long term investment before its true benefits start to show.

Bad SEO promises to deliver positive results instantly and at a cheaper cost. But in reali...

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The evolution of copywriting

Want to know a secret about marketing?

The fundamentals haven’t changed in over 2,000 years. Antiquity experts have found evidence of branding, packing and labelling dating back to Pompeii circa 35 C.E. for a bottle of fish sauce “The best liquamen, from the shop of...

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What is a blog?

Blogs have been around since 1994, and they were initially used as an online diary to share stories about daily life.

Today, blogging has become a platform where businesses can share their views and educate their readers on topics specific to their industry. Blogs make businesse...

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SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a term that many might have heard when talking websites. But for those serious about gaining traction online, SEO is one of the most critical aspects in creating an effective website. And the king that rules SEO kingdom? Google. So keeping Google happy, or at...

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Let’s discuss Odoo Discuss

Instant Messaging (IM) is an integral part of our everyday lives, even more, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IM brings us closer together by allowing us to connect and collaborate with people regardless of their location and helps centralise the conversation for quick reference.

A brief history of I


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Odoo is an all-inclusive open source solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) its designed for businesses of any size and can be configured and customized to suit all your business needs.

If you're looking for a better overview of Odoo check out Introduction To Odoo ERP.   Odoo offers tw...

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