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Cloud Strategy – Private Cloud

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Cloud Strategy – Which is right for your organisation?

I recently read an article by SmartCompany “the first three things Steve Jobs would have done if he ran your business” about the late Steve Jobs’ return to Apple and the change in company strategy to shift from major fail into a global dominating brand.

If you’re interested in reading the article head over to SmartCompany, it’s quite inspiring and a good read with the video. Below is a quick link to the video.

It got me thinking about what we do here and how we help clients develop and deliver a successful cloud strategy in Australia that will change the way they do business.

It’s all in the knowing

Knowing what Cloud Strategy is needed for your organisation to flourish is the goal.

Before adopting a cloud model you should identify your core reasons for moving to the cloud so the process is clearer and easier. If you’re still trying to work out why you should adopt a cloud strategy we’ll be covering this in more detail in another post.

A strategy is clearly defined as a plan to implement a long term goal and the steps needed to achieve this goal.

We’re going to take a look at the 3 core models of deployment over the next 3 posts as part of developing your overall cloud strategy and why using the right one is critical to your organisation’s future.

Here’s the first of three cloud strategies:

Private Cloud – Shared Infrastructure

Private Cloud is a multi-tenant, individually siloed service running on a shared infrastructure stack. Hosted private cloud services are deployed on highly available infrastructure with isolated compute, storage and networking component pools. Built on industry leading VMware vSphere technology and HP Enterprise hardware.
This shared cloud strategy is the perfect fit for businesses looking to move some or all services into the cloud, contract-free, monthly payments for your pool of resources purchased as Compute (CPU/ GHz & Memory/ GB units), Storage (/ GB Units) and Network (Unlimited up/ down IP Transit/ 10 Mbps blocks) which can smoothly and infinitely scale with your business’ needs.

Build on a Private Cloud with licensed vendor technology enhancing solutions to meet your evolving needs, mix and match technologies from Microsoft, Linux and Citrix to name a few and create your solutions.

Private Cloud Use Scenarios:

  • Reseller managed or multi-tenant, self-service solutions
  • Test and Development
  • Scale out eCommerce
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployments – On Premis & Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery – Backup Repository & Failover
  • Remote & Virtual Desktop Services
  • Application Life Cycle Upgrades/ Replacement
  • Web & Mobile Apps – Design, Build & Template solutions that scale

The Highlight Reel:

  • Low cost of entry and scales with your growing business needs
  • Siloed/ multi-tenant shared infrastructure stack of Compute, Storage & Networking
  • Infinitely scalable on demand resources, purchase in incremental units of CPU GHz/ Memory & Storage GB/ Network 10 Mbps blocks
  • Wide range of use scenarios
  • Highly Available HP Enterprise hardware clusters; we do all the heavy infrastructure lifting so you can focus on your business
  • Lease or BYO software licensing models
  • BYO licensing is software vendor dependant and will require review of vendor’s terms and conditions.
  • We’ll be showcasing the next two Cloud Strategies: Hybrid deployments model, and the Dedicated model soon.

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