Can your business be successful without social media?

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3.96 billion people use social media. That’s over 50% of the world’s population ( Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram produce the same dopamine-inducing effects caused by recreational drugs and gambling. If you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, it is one artificially staged illusion after another.

Users are not primarily addicted to social media for the content. They are addicted to the positive social feedback they receive on their posts. Social media is a self-indulgent pastime.

Social media Vs Blogging

Many small businesses and start-ups use social media exclusively to run their business due to convenience and cost.

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.

Yes, it costs money to host and design a website. But at the end of the day, you own it.

Businesses upload mass amounts of content to platforms like Facebook without ever backing up their data. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube provide UNLIMITED storage for every user, making it effortless to upload large photos and video files without ever needing to think about storage space or backups.

What happens when the lights go out?

Facebook recently blocked and deleted all Australian news on their platform. This move was an attempt to assert their power and dominance over the Australian government. However, after a one-week hiatus, they decided to revoke their ban on Australian news content.

The fact that they have the power to restrict access to health, government, and news sources during a time of crisis should be a red flag and sign that the world needs to un-friend Facebook for good.

The reality is, if it’s on Facebook, you don’t own your content. If you don’t have a backup copy of everything you post and Facebook decides to delete your page, good luck retrieving “your” content.

Is your business creating and sharing content regularly? Then it is crucial to invest in a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, server, or 3rd party cloud service to safeguard your intellectual property.

If you are in the market for an external storage system, we highly recommend the TrueNAS Mini.

What are the benefits of blogging for marketing my business? 

bloggung can help your business

One of the most effective ways to encourage people to engage with your brand is to provide them with useful and relevant content. Consistency is key because if you are not talking to your target audience, someone else is.

It all starts with a blog.

Think of a blog as a private newsfeed, a curated collection of your businesses’ intellectual property owned by you 100%. Your audience is not limited to Google or Facebook. Your content can be accessed anywhere, by anyone with an internet connection.

Increase your website traffic

The thought of increasing your website traffic can seem daunting if you’ve ever created a website before you know how hard it is to rank on the first page of Google’s search results.

So, how can you make your page rank higher? Do you need to pay thousands of dollars to Google Ads?

Yes, you can throw thousands of dollars into Google ads. However, it doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales, and once you run out of money, there will be no more traffic.

Every time you post an article to your blog, an indexed page is created. The more pages on your website, the more opportunities you have to rank higher in search engines, driving more organic traffic to your website.

Updating your website frequently by consistently posting blog content shows Google and the other search engines that your website is active.

Don’t expect instant results

Social media has conditioned its users to experience instant gratification when they post. I’ve witnessed people delete a Facebook post after 5 minutes if they didn’t receive enough likes.

Don’t expect instant gratification from your blog posts. SEO and copywriting are long term, sustainable marketing strategies. The content you create today can generate thousands of views and leads far into the future.

Can social media be used effectively for marketing?

social media marketing

There is no doubt that social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool for many businesses. It expanded the horizons for online business and shed light on the importance of implementing an online marketing strategy.

But! Do not put all your content on one platform.

Social media is just another touchpoint. It is a place that allows you to nurture your audience and build brand awareness. There are limitations of social media marketing. As Facebook’s recent actions demonstrate the dangers of trusting the tech giants with your business, brand, and customers.

Instead of investing time and resources into building up your Facebook business page or Facebook group, cultivate an email marketing list that you own. No one can censor you or block you from reaching out to your audience unless the recipient decides to unsubscribe. When you send out an email campaign, it is sent to every contact on your mailing list. You don’t have to pay for the privilege of “boosting” posts or ad campaigns to reach people who already like your business page.

Blog content helps boost your social media presence

We’ve discussed the dangers of posting content to social media platforms. But that does not mean that you should avoid them entirely.

Instead, remarket your blog content into smaller, more digestible snippets to use on social media. Or you can even share specific blog articles on social media to increase their reach to your existing audience. This can result in a snowball effect. The more people that like and share your content on social media could help expose your business to new audiences.

The point to take away is that social media is just another tool in a broader communication strategy. It is vital to maintain a strong presence across a variety of platforms online. The problem many businesses fall into is relying solely on one approach to drive their business.

If you would like to learn more about content marketing, web design, or SEO, contact us to book a free consultation.


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