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With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is a key solutions architect and MD of Velocity Host, an Australian-based IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service provider specialising in enterprise cloud solutions.

Managed Services – Why Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Managed Services – The key to your success.

Picking up from our previous post, here’s a link in case you missed it “Cloud Provider; Roadmap – Service Is Key!“, bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes down to service. (vh) really offers a major POD – Point Of Difference in this area when it comes to personal and managed services.

Compare the Pair

Recently we reviewed the latest offerings from the big providers, in particular the VMware vCloud Air service offering. One of the major POD’s discovered is a lack of any managed services; they offer only add-on support for the vCloud Air environment.

Meaning?  It means if you lack the technical expertise or in-house tech support staff to manage your environment you’re going to be in a bit of a pickle. But what if you really need this level of support?

Welcome to Velocity Host (vh) All-Australian Managed Services.

Head over to the MANAGED SERVICES product page to find out a little more about our managed services.

Managed Services not just a cliche with (vh)
Cliche hand shake representing good service. We don’t work on a cliches just good service.

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Cloud Provider; Roadmap – Service Is Key!

(vh) Your Australian Cloud Provider

Australian Cloud Provider Flag

I’d like to talk a little about what we do here. The ever-evolving role (vh) plays as an Australian Cloud Provider and where we are heading long term. The (vh) Road Map.

For a long time now our role has been dedicated to providing cloud services for Resellers & Tech Savvy B2B’s and over time our service offerings have been refined, consolidated and improved to help keep focus on delivering the best service model possible for our clients and their clients.

With the current adoption speed of Cloud Computing it’s easy to get lost in the void and be constantly compared to bigger providers and their service offerings. Let’s touch on a few points of difference between (vh) and our larger counterparts that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

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Website Security – The Growing Concern

Website Security CloudFlare Logo

Website Security – The Growing Concern

Are you thinking about your website security? You should be.

Website security is a major concern for all internet users businesses and their clients alike. Unfortunately the majority of users are either too busy or unaware of the growing issues of cyber crime. Website security should be a major concern for all businesses with a web presence.

We’ve talked about CloudFlare before and now is a good time to recap on CF services; because not paying attention could land your business in hot water.

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Web Accelerator (WA) – Snapt; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

Web Accelerator – The Brief

Snapt accelerator is a high end, powerful and easy to use HTTP and HTTPS content accelerator.

The accelerator works by placing it in front of your web servers caching the content that’s served to visitors. By utilising advanced caching and data compression techniques web accelerator reduces front end server load allowing web servers to handle more visitor traffic and reduce page load times by 50 – 80% and if your running eCommerce or other public accessible sites faster page loads equal better SEO page ranking in SERPS.

Who Needs Acceleration?

Thanks to the Snapt team for this great intro video on “Who Needs Acceleration” providing a quick and easy break down on how the accelerator works and the business benefits.

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