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cPanel price increase

The long and short of cPanels Price Increase

cPanel price increase

This post has been edited to show revised pricing and packages as of 05.09.2019.

Dear Valued Customers,

The long and short of cPanels price increase

cPanel Inc have not increased their prices for around 10 years and unfortunately, the time has come for an increase of their cPanel/WHM control panel product.

Increases are normal but this has come as rude shock to the industry as costs have increased in excess of 400% on average to license types for different packages.

Yearly licenses are no longer available – as such, when current yearly licenses are due for renewal, they will be converted into one of the below license types billed monthly. See pricing table below for new prices based on a per account model.

Prices are in AUD, inclusive of GST and are month by month.
Admin – up to 5 accounts $27.50
Pro – up to 30 accounts $40.50
Premier Fixed 100 – up to 100 accounts $67.50
Premier Fixed 200 – up to 100 accounts $89.10
Premier Fixed 300 – up to 100 accounts $110.70
Premier Fixed 400 – up to 100 accounts $132.30
Premier Fixed 500 – up to 100 accounts $165.30
Premier Fixed 600 – up to 100 accounts $175.50

Who does this effect?

cPanels Price Increase effects the following services:

At the moment the price increase is for VDSVirtual Dedicated Server clients who run their own servers and use cPanel for client and account management.

At a later stage there will be an increase to WEBshared web hosting prices of approximately 10%, this % increase is still in discussion and will be made clear in a future post.

How are the license types determined?

License types are determined by the amount of user accounts in WHM, WHM makes an API call that sends the current number of accounts back to cPanel and licenses are billed in arrears at the end of each month.

How can license costs be reduced?

If you are looking to stay with cPanel which is an obvious choice for simplicity, then reducing the number of inactive accounts in WHM will reduce costs as long as numbers fall within each pricing bracket.

If you’re feeling a little disheartened with cPanel and are looking for other options we’ve listed a few for you below.

Something to keep in mind if looking to change hosting control panels is that there will be hidden costs in migrating, managing and delivering a new platform to clients and potential performance impacts if CloudLinux is not being used.

CloudLinux Compatible Web Hosting Control Panels:

  • cPanel Plesk (Owned by cPanel)
  • DirectAdmin
  • ISP Manager
  • Webmin

When does this start?

Billing renewals will start effective immediately as current licenses expire, they will be converted to monthly and billed in arrears based on current number of accounts in WHM.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss options please feel free to contact our team.

Download cPanel Partner Licensing Guide PDF

Yours sincerely
Gerardo Altman
(vh) Director of Problem Solving

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