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Affiliate Program – The Low Down

There’s never a dull moment when you run an ISP – Internet Service Provider business, speaking with clients on a daily basis you start to get a feel for what businesses need.

Our resellers have been screaming out to have a suitable platform to be able to refer clients that they think may be better suited directly engaging with our team. Other resellers don’t specifically want to resell hosting services and would like the option to simply refer clients to us directly. Then other SMB’s simply like to refer new business our way because of how we support and help their business grow and trust us enough to refer their friends, families and business associates to benefit from our services.

All the scenarios mentioned help (vh) grow and deliver outstanding services and support to our clients and we would like to say thank you! Sometimes a simple email is enough or a card in the mail but we want to go that extra step and say hey, we really appreciate you thinking of us and would like to reward your loyalty and support via cash or credit.

The affiliate program is in its infancy and will be expanded over time. In the meantime, we want to let everyone know how much we value your support.

Affiliate Program – How It Works

When you log into your (vh) Accounts CP, you’ll see a new menu item across the top called “Affiliates”. Simply click on this menu item to access the new Affiliate page and click on the orange button to activate – it’s that simple.

Activate Affiliate Program Account
Option 1: Use The Referral Link

You can use a referral link to send to your friends, colleagues and businesses. This link has an affiliate tracking code within the URL; when the link is clicked, it opens a web page to our shopping cart and places code into the browser window so we can identify the account it’s linked to.

When the visitor makes a purchase from the cart this purchase is automatically linked to the associated affiliate account. From that point on every subscription or renewal (monthly or yearly) will put money into your account.

These funds can be used as a credit towards services with us OR redeemed for cash after the initial 60-day cooling off period for refunds has elapsed.

The image below shows an example of the Affiliate Program in action with two subscriptions and the commission earned on each renewal.

Affiliate Program Commissions


Option 2: Email or Call Through The Referral Details

If you’re old school like me and like to be more hands on – then simply shoot us an email or call to discuss the opportunity. We will be more than happy to speak over the phone, Skype or email to discuss all requirements in more detail and find the right solution for you.

You can shoot an email to [email protected] OR directly to your account manager and we’ll coordinate a call or contact via any of the mentioned channels to discuss further.


What Services Are Included In The Affiliate Program

We are launching with SMB Shared Hosting and every referral will earn a 10% commission.

As an example, if the subscription is for a yearly “Established” SMB package @ $198 per year the commission on this subscription will be based on the yearly fee minus GST.

$180 per year  = $18 per year in commission paid.

Commissions are reoccurring so every time the subscription is renewed your commission is paid automatically.

We are working on including more services to the program, with the next service inline being VDS – Virtual Dedicated Servers. Stay tuned for this announcement and commission structure.


In Summary

Here’s short and sweet version –

  • Earn 10% recurring commission on any referred SMB Shared Hosting package sold.
  • Wait the 60-day cooling off period as per consumer law.
  • After the cooling off period, commissions are paid to your account and can be redeemed for cash or credit.


Let’s get some feedback to build the FAQ – jump into the comments section below to ask any questions which we’ll convert to a Q&A and grow the program organically.

Big thanks to all our customers for supporting and growing with us.


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