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6 reasons why a Virtual Data Centre can reduce risk profiles

Our recently published article for Risk Management Magazine helping readers reduce their risk profile by using a Virtual Data Centre.



A Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a type of cloud service model in which a private cloud vendor provides the entire infrastructure over the cloud.  A complete VDC solution includes processing, storage & networking infrastructure and application licensing all managed via a web interface.

In theory, a VDC solution contains all the key elements to operate an enterprise level data centre.

Used effectively, a VDC can reduce an organisation’s risk profile in the following ways:

1. Simple Disaster Recovery

VDC can reduce exposure of complete data loss in the event of a disaster as a backup copy of your on-site data can be replicated to a Virtual Data Centre in the cloud.

2. Physical Security

VDC’s are held in physical locations that are designed in excess of standard building codes to withstand fire, water damage, etc. and also include automated systems which reduce exposure to the elements.
Multiple power generators and network carrier data feeds reduce the potential of communication outages or service interruption.

3. Lost Productivity

In a DR situation, having your staff sit around waiting to get back online is expensive. However, by replicating your normal business operations to a Virtual Data Centre you can go straight into business as usual by accessing the data currently in the cloud.  Then, when the disaster has been averted you can restore the current live data immediately.  In addition, a VDC allows you to meet stringent RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) as current workloads can be replicated every 15 minutes.

4. Data security – Theft, Loss & Privacy

Having your data in a VDC environment can also reduce the risk of exposure to physical theft (intentionally or accidentally).
For example: When running virtual desktops from a VDC no confidential data is stored on the physical device.   Therefore, your data always remains secure even if a device is damaged or stolen.

5. Compliance

VDC assists in ensuring that your compliance obligations are met.   For example, it provides maximum security to ensure your organisation meets the requirements of PCI Legislation. Encryption is also streamlined and more effective.

6. Pay as You Grow or Reduce as Needed

As a VDC allows you to centralise core resources to the cloud, it reduces the need for expensive infrastructure. Resources can be scaled back or increased easily without being locked into expensive contracts.

With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is the owner of Velocity Host, an Australian-based Cloud Computing Provider specialising in services for Cloud Resellers and B2B Cloud Hosting. For more information on how a VDC could assist your organisation, please see Virtual Data Center.

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With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is a key solutions architect and MD of Velocity Host, an Australian-based IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service provider specialising in enterprise cloud solutions.