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vCloud by (vh) – Welcome to your Virtual DataCenter

It’s finally here!

Our engineers have been working tirelessly to deliver the (vh) vCloud platform to you live.

Welcome to (vh) vCloud.

Login and setup your vCloud

vCloud – Brings exciting new self-service option to VDC

vCloud is an extension of our VDC – Virtual Data Centre in an amazing self-service model (Virtual Cloud).

How does vCloud work?

In short it works in exactly the same way as a physical DataCenter except there’s no need to outlay for and maintain physical hardware. At (vh) we do all the heavy lifting by monitoring the physical hardware, adding to it with more Compute, Memory and Storage as your vCloud grows. Simply put – you can scale your resources to meet demand. It’s that easy!

(vh) vCloud can be deployed as a Shared or Dedicated cloud to meet client licensing requirements so you can easily BYO existing licenses through Microsoft License Mobility or lease directly from us. Need enterprise pricing for MS licenses? Let us connect you with our Microsoft EA rep and you can negotiate your own deal. Sweet.

  • Manage your own internal and external networks via Edge Gateways
  • Create point-to-point VPN tunnels between your physical locations creating your own Hybrid Clouds and
  • Deploy vApps from our range of public catalogues

We’ll cover these features and more in greater detail over the next few weeks as we dive into the (vh) vCloud platform.

vCloud Public Catalogues

Choose from over 200+ pre configured vApp’s from our public catalogues

Why does vCloud rock?

The power is in your hands:

  • DevOps – quickly create and deploy in-house applications using vApp technology. Need more resources? Log into your control panel and simply order more Compute, Storage or Memory and efficiently get on with the task at hand.
  • Reseller Services – Create and deploy solutions for your own clients or public consumption priced at your own choosing. No more asking  for a quote each time from (vh)!
  • *DR – Link vCloud to your on-premise DataCenter for Disaster recovery
  • Private Clouds – vCloud Dedicated is a single-tenant, physically isolated IaaS platform with a dedicated cloud management stack. Dedicated Cloud is your own private cloud instance in the public cloud.
  • Hybrid Clouds – enable you to seamlessly and securely extend your data center and applications to the cloud.

Are there any contracts or commitments with the (vh) vCloud?

vCloud is a pay-as-you-go service paid monthly in advance for your pool of resources.

There is a minimum monthly spend for the service of less than $70 monthly and can grow with your business. With DIY customised Virtual Private Clouds you can purchase public IP Transit data in 2 ways:

  • Data bundles starting at 100 GB – 500 GB and if you go over your quota, excess data is then billed in arrears.
  • Unlimited Data purchased in 10 Mbit blocks up to 50 Mbit – we call this all you can eat!

To get an accurate quote on your requirements visit the Shopping Cart.

Next month we’ll be introducing some very sharp pricing on package bundles to cover a range of deployment scenarios so watch this blog space or subscribe to our BLOG for more information.

Need some help working out your next steps on getting into your own (vh) vCloud?

Try The vCloud Demo

Try The Demo Today

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