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Managed Services – Why Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Managed Services – The key to your success.

Picking up from our previous post, here’s a link in case you missed it “Cloud Provider; Roadmap – Service Is Key!“, bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes down to service. (vh) really offers a major POD – Point Of Difference in this area when it comes to personal and managed services.

Compare the Pair

Recently we reviewed the latest offerings from the big providers, in particular the VMware vCloud Air service offering. One of the major POD’s discovered is a lack of any managed services; they offer only add-on support for the vCloud Air environment.

Meaning?  It means if you lack the technical expertise or in-house tech support staff to manage your environment you’re going to be in a bit of a pickle. But what if you really need this level of support?

Welcome to Velocity Host (vh) All-Australian Managed Services.

Head over to the MANAGED SERVICES product page to find out a little more about our managed services.

Managed Services not just a cliche with (vh)
Cliche hand shake representing good service. We don’t work on a cliches just good service.

Queue -vs- VIP treatment

Have you ever sat on hold with a big service provider waiting for support? We did recently (no need to sling mud here) and still waited close to 45 minutes before we could get through to a support person. Service is the key to any business success and the big players are still struggling to get it right.

Why is it so hard to nail?

The answer is the sheer volume of clients they need to support. They have bigger budgets to employ more staff but at the end of the day managing the service levels of those staff becomes harder and harder. The biggest expense for any business is its staff and it’s why most large call centres with 1st level and even 2nd level support are located overseas – because staff are less expensive abroad than  locally here in Australia.

(vh) Managed Services – Key to Your Business Success.

Here’s what You Get:

  1. A Dedicated Australian Account Manager
  2. Fast enquiry turn around
  3. Service Level Agreements – Fast Resolution Times
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Quality Control

1. A Dedicated Australian Account Manager

Our policy is simple – all clients get their own dedicated account managers in Australia to handle all requests for one single point-of-contact to help streamline account, system and service enquiries. Your Australian-based account manager can quickly and easily escalate your queries to the correct department for fast resolution.

2. Fast Enquiry Turn Around

Never sit on hold! Our Australian owned and operated call centres are online 24×7 and can take your calls. They’re equipped to point you in the right direction for simple queries, or lodge your request with an engineer or your dedicated Australian account manager who will return your call adhering to our SLA – Service Level Agreements, or sooner wherever possible.

3. Service Level Agreements – Fast Resolution Times

We deliver quality service and stand by our Service Level Agreements so you get fast resolution times to get you back to business instead of wasting time in a queue.

4. Attention to Detail

We take a whole of picture approach when supporting your business and use standardised systems to resolve your queries.

5. Quality Control

The ability to escalate your queries quickly to senior support levels enables faster resolution of issues. Open channels of feedback ensure customer feedback is heard, valued and actioned to constantly enhance our services. We listen.

Managed Services – Benefits.

The key to any business success big or small is knowing when to outsource, especially when it comes to I.T.  Even in-house IT departments need to be able to push out some aspects of support to other channels so they can stay focused on their core roles internally.

Save time – with only so many hours in the day are you using your time effectively performing tasks that aren’t your core role?

Stay focused – by outsourcing managed services you can keep focused and get better results faster.

Streamline work flows – Get projects done faster by pushing out some tasks to us. e.g. Do task 1 through 3 internally and outsource tasks 4 through 6.

Reduce bottom line – by reducing man hours on tasks that aren’t in your company’s core competencies.

Cut through red tape – waiting for a problem to be resolved by in-house IT. Use managed services to quickly resolve issues.

Get on with your job and push out processes that monopolise your time to (vh) Managed Services.

Head over to the MANAGED SERVICES product page to find out more.


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With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is a key solutions architect and MD of Velocity Host, an Australian-based IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service provider specialising in enterprise cloud solutions.