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Microsoft License Mobility; Whats in it for me?

Microsoft License Mobility Through Software Assurance

Today we’d like to spotlight on something exciting for resellers and B2B’s alike.

It’s Microsoft License Mobility Through Software Assurance.

There is a lot of great reference material on the Microsoft website link above but let’s get straight to the core of it all.

(vh) Now a Microsoft Authorized Mobility Partner

Earlier this year Velocity Host became a Microsoft Authorized Mobility Partner. I know it sounds exciting but what’s a Mobility Partner?

In short becoming a mobility partner allows you to port your current Microsoft volume licensing into the (vh) cloud and utilise your existing licenses without needing to fork out additional money for the same licenses within our environment.

*conditions may apply to some licenses

What’s so good about it?

It allows solutions to be tailored to clients’ budgets and keeps costs down making cloud services even more accessible.

What is Microsoft License Mobility?

Microsoft License Mobility can be used in conjunction with your (vh) Virtual Data Center or Virtual Dedicated Server range of services to port across your current Microsoft software assured volume licensing into the (vh) public, private or hybrid cloud environments.  This saves your customers money and makes your solution extremely competitive!

Helpful Resources.

What is Microsoft Software Assurance (SA)?

Here’s what Microsoft are saying

Software Assurance for Volume Licensing offers a range of tools and resources to help your company deploy, manage, and maximize your Volume Licensing purchases. The program covers Microsoft technologies and services and includes new product version rights, training, deployment planning, and support. Software Assurance is designed to help improve productivity of IT professionals and end users in your organization, and to help you extend the value of your technology investment.

Here it is in simple english; Software Assurance is a way to extend the license life cycle of your products beyond the standard support contract and as an added benefit Microsoft has offered a slew of add-ons to SA to make if worth your while.

We won’t be doing a deep dive into SA today, if your looking to find out more you can use the resources below for more info.

Helpful Resources.

I would like to use License Mobility, what’s the next step?

Submit a License Verification Form
Within 10 days of deployment, complete the License Verification Form available on the Volume Licensing website and provide it to your Microsoft representative or preferred resell partner, so he or she can submit your form to Microsoft. Once submitted, Microsoft will confirm your eligibility and communicate your verification status to you and your chosen Authorized Mobility Partner.

Preview of the Microsoft Product Licensing Search page.

license mobility download page preview


Need some help working out your next steps in using Microsoft License Mobility? Drop us a comment in the post if you have any questions or use the green button below to send an email for information about implementing a solution for your business or clients.

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