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Web Accelerator (WA) – Snapt; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

Web Accelerator – The Brief

Snapt accelerator is a high end, powerful and easy to use HTTP and HTTPS content accelerator.

The accelerator works by placing it in front of your web servers caching the content that’s served to visitors. By utilising advanced caching and data compression techniques web accelerator reduces front end server load allowing web servers to handle more visitor traffic and reduce page load times by 50 – 80% and if your running eCommerce or other public accessible sites faster page loads equal better SEO page ranking in SERPS.

Who Needs Acceleration?

Thanks to the Snapt team for this great intro video on “Who Needs Acceleration” providing a quick and easy break down on how the accelerator works and the business benefits.

Web Accelerator – At A Glance

Web Accelerator Features

  • Completely virtualised
  • *Optional Active/ Passive redundancy
  • Direct integration with Snapt Load Balancer
  • Layer 7 HTTP & HTTPS engine
  • Location based limits, performance settings, caching and more controlled by advanced rule sets
  • Layer 7 based rules engine and layer based routing
  • HTTP compression off loading
  • Automatic minification, image recording, error correction and more
  • Rate limit and DoS Mitigation
  • IPv4 & IPv6 ready

Web Accelerator Benefits

  • Increased Security; Direct server access restricted by reverse proxy engine
  • More Concurrent Visitors; Reduced web server loads means increased capacity to handle more site visitors & users
  • Faster Pages; Reduce page load time by 50 – 80% for a better user experience and improved SEO ranking
  • Scalability; Add more web servers or redundant accelerator without service irruption
  • Redundancy; Active/ Active or Active/ Passive options improving application uptime

Web Accelerator InfoGraphic

Excellent Web Accelerator InfoGraphic walking you through effects on your business with slow webpage load times. In short a slow site loses business and hurts your bottom line.
Web Accelerator Performance Infographic

Drop us a comment in the post if you have any questions or use the green button below to send an email for information about implementing a solution for your business or clients.

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