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Virtual Data Center – (vh) VDC Under The Hood

VDC - Virtual Data Center

Virtual Data Centers That Stand Out From The Crowd.

Virtual Data Centers; everyone seems to have one. Let’s take a look at what makes the (vh) VDC offering stand out from the crowd.

Everywhere you look lately providers are spruiking about Virtual Data Centers. Every man and his dog seem to be offering low cost self-service cloud stacks built on a range of solutions from commodity hardware and open source software to enterprise grade servers and commercial software and really there’s a Virtual Data Center solution for every budget depending on your requirements.

End users as always need to learn another new interface and tool set with all the nuances that come along with the steep learning curve of new technology. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of providers trying to simplify web GUI’s for ease of use but who’s really offering a service where you have the option to self serve or simply request what’s needed and it’s delivered for you ready to go?

In today’s post we’re taking a high level overview at what’s under the hood of the (vh) VDC – Virtual Data Center offering that can work for you on a self-service basis or have our team simply deploy and prepare the platform needed so you can just login and start working without spending hours or days learning a new system.

Virtual Data Center – What is it?

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term VDC it stands for Virtual Data Center, VDCs allow businesses to move into the cloud by offering elastic resource pools designed to simplify, automate and consolidate services. Resource pools are based on Compute power (MHz or GHz), RAM (MB or GB) for running applications and Tiered Storage (MB or GB) all of which are presented as VM – Virtual Machines that emulate physical hardware to build your solutions upon.

(vh) Nuts & Bolts.

VMware Enterprise Grade Hypervisor

The No#1 global virtualization hypervisor provides VM stability, dedicated application isolation and all the hardware compatibility you would have in a dedicated server with all the benefits of being virtual.

High Availability

Virtual Data Centers have no single point of failure due to their nature of distributing resources across physical platforms. In the event of physical hardware failure in one location, your VMs are moved & restarted in another.

Redundant Spinning Disk & SSD Cloud Storage

Spinning Disk & Dedicated SSD storage expresses, reads and writes providing the fastest possible I/O for your applications, Cloud storage is deployed over multiple redundant SAN arrays.


Storage assisted Snapshots allow for fast and easy recovery points to be set for quick data roll back. Flexible schedules allow RTO & RPO objectives to be met.

Private Networks

Private vLans and internal facing subnets allow for isolated networks to be created for your organisation without the need to share or worry about other tenants on the network.

Public Networks

Public facing IP’s allow your Virtual Data Center and applications to communicate with the outside world and interconnect to local or remote resources.


Distribute workloads and increase application uptime by deploying Load Balancers between front end & back end servers.

Distributed Resource Scheduler

DRS provides seamless automated load balancing of live VMs to hosts with more available resources using vMotion maximising application performance.

ISO Software Library

Attach ISO images to deploy OS – Operating Systems and applications straight into your VMs. Choose from a range of software solutions ranging from OS’s and MSSQL to Office or make a request.


Develop IT – Have a solution that really needs a flexible working environment? Install anything, configure as needed, and make it your own with no restrictions.

Build IT – Seamlessly move from development into production and let the world see the fruits of your labour.

Grow IT – Template your solutions to quickly deploy services on the fly as needed and seamlessly scale with demand!

Next Steps

Like to speak with our team about how VDS – Virtual Data Centre can work for your organisation?

[email protected]

Become part of the conversation and drop us a comment below if  you have any questions or use the green button above to send an email for information about implementing a solution for your business and clients.

New vCloud VDC service now available.

Looking for a self service VDC platform based on all the Enterprise features listed above and more, read about the new (vh) vCloud VDC

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