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Reliable Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity With Veeam

Disaster Recovery

DR is always an important topic for any business as even small interruptions to services can mean a massive loss in productivity for employees and clients alike equating to money down the drain.

(vh) Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions hitting your business objectives.

Minimise down-time and meet RTOs (Real Time Objectives) & budgets – How much down-time is acceptable for your business and costs involved to meet those goals?

Continuity in business data to meet RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) – How much data can you afford to lose when a disaster strikes… hours, days?


Today’s post is designed to showcase new technology from Veeam combined with your (vh) cloud allowing for greater business continuity and minimised down-time in the event of service interruptions. Using Veeam Backup & Replication v7 (shortly v8) we will cover in a high level overview how cloud based backup & replication will help guarantee RTOs & RPOs.

What Is Veeam?

In essence Veeam is dedicated Backup & Disaster Recovery software that’s specifically designed for the backup and recovery of VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines into your local environment and your (vh) cloud.

Veeam Backup & Replication Product Overview.

Backup In Your (vh) Cloud

(vh) uses Veeam to create a point in time backup for subscribed VDC – Virtual Data Center & VDS – Virtual Dedicated Server services to our off-server backup cluster. Backups are held for a period of 7 days allowing for complete VM restore and granular file level restoration from any nightly retention point.

Veeam Instant recovery technology allows your backed up VM to be powered on directly from the backup location without needing to wait for the restore process to copy all the data back to the production environment. This process allows your VM to be live within minutes while a full restore is happening behind the scenes. Normally the restore procedure can take hours if not days based on VM size; with Veeam Instant Recovery your VM can now be live live in under 2 minutes!

Instant VM Recovery Demo.

Local Backups To Your (vh) Cloud

(vh) deploys a small Veeam Proxy server in your local environment to provide WAN acceleration, deduplication and point in time backup snapshots using automated schedules. These schedules can be as frequent as hourly and send only the differential data to your desired (vh) cloud meeting stringent RTOs & RPOs.

Disaster Recovery – Replication

Customers needing to achieve higher RTOs & RPOs with failover to secondary (vh) Disaster Recovery locations use Veeam replication to keep multiple replicas of production VMs at the Disaster Recovery location.

Assisted failover and real failback

Keep replicas in sync

If a production VM goes down, you can immediately fail over to a VM replica, giving users access to the services and applications they need with minimum disruption while you are resolving the issue. While the replica is running, you have several options to restore normal operations—either fail back to the production VM, to a new location, or re-homing a VM in the DR site.

In addition, Veeam Backup & Replication maintains multiple replica restore points. So in the event your latest replica becomes corrupt, Veeam allows you to roll back to a previous restore point.

Replication Testing

With new SureReplica, you can automatically verify every restore point in every replica by starting VMs and running scripted tests against any application. No more manual test failovers!

5 Key Disaster Recovery Benefits with (vh) & Veeam

  • Backup onsite/ local data to your (vh) Cloud
  • Set realistic RTOs & RPOs for data recovery and availability
  • Veeam Instant recovery in your (vh) cloud within munites
  • Replicate your local, VDC or VDS services to any (vh) Disaster Recovery location
  • Non disruptive replica testing and fall back at the Disaster Recovery location

Drop us a comment in the post if you have any questions or use the green button below to send an email for information about implementing the solution for your business or clients.

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